Cover versions released in: 1998



Blessed Burden
Carleen Anderson
CD   CD   EU 1998 (Circa Records 7 24384 56822 1 CIRC)      
06 Maybe I'm amazed Carleen AndersonMcCartney   1998
Wayback To The 80's
Various Artists
CD   CD   NL 1998 (Eddy Ouwens Spec.Prod. EOP 95326-2)      
Why Don't We Do It In The Road?
CD   CD   NL 1998 (DaPluRecords )      
Private Release rom Citoën 2CV (Lelijke Eend) clubmembers
03 Why don't we do it in the road BotulismeLennon-McCartney (McCartney)   1998
Innovations Plays The Beatles
Benny Dellinger
CD   CD   US 1998 (Rivière International RIVI CD 47)      
Marching with the Beatles
Band of the Irish Guards
CD   CD   UK 1998 (Bandleader BNA 5144)      
Digital Re-recordings of the 1966 LP Bonus: The Great Beatles Medleys. 13. Echoes of an era 14. Music of the Beatles
Let it be
CD-single   CD-single   NL 1998 (ABCD ABCD 30156-3)      
01 Let it be NylonsLennon-McCartney (McCartney)   1998
Stasera Beatles
Barbara Casini Quartet
CD   CD   DE 1998 (Philogy W 134)      
Hey Jude
CD-single   CD-single   EU 1998 (Futurescope 8800934)      
01 Hey jude AwesomeLennon-McCartney (McCartney)   1998   Gospel Radio Mix
02 Hey jude AwesomeLennon-McCartney (McCartney)   1998   Groove Mix
03 Hey jude AwesomeLennon-McCartney (McCartney)   1998   Piano / Strings Mix
A Perfect Stranger - The Island Anthology
Marianne Faithfull
CD   2CD   EU 1998 (Island 524579-2)      
1-05 Working class hero Marianne FaithfullLennon   1979
2-12 Isolation Marianne FaithfullLennon   1998
Meets the Beatles
John Pizzarelli
CD   CD   EU 1998 (RCA/VICTOR 74321 61432 2)      
Beatles Karaoke Party
Murphy's Law
CD   CD   UK 1998 (Castle MAC CD 375)      
Various Artists
CD   CD   UK 1998 (Dressed to kill DOP 54)      
Artists names sounds like fake, probably only one artist was involved in this
Hits of the sixties
Tom Jones
CD   CD   UK 1998 (Hallmark 309862)      
Live Versions
All You Need Is Love
Canadian Brass
CD   CD   US 1998 (RCA 9026-68970)      
The Punkles
CD   CD   DE 1998 (Wolverline WRR 057)      
Punk - Stranglers alike picture
All you need is covers
Various Artists
CD   2CD   UK 1998 (Sequel NEECD 309)      
Basie's Beatle Bag
Count Basie
CD   CD   NL 1998 (Verve 557 455-2)      
Original recordings: 1966
Hooked on the Beatles
Dr.Fink & Mystery Band
CD   CD   EU 1998 (Emporio EMPRCD 831)      
Medley's - Dr. Fink was a member of Prince's New Power Generation
I hate the Beatles Volume 1
Various Artists
LP   LP   NL 1998 (Rape LP 001)      
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Cover versions released in: 1998