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28 Beatle-hits for teens
John Hamilton Band
LP   LP   DE 1971 (Somerset 694)      
4 Beadochons Dans Le Vent
4 Beadochons Dans Le Vent
CD   CD   FR 1992 (Remark 517 194-2)      
A tribute to Lennon & McCartney
Gerry Marsden
CD   CD   UK 1995 (K-TEL ECD 3138)      
A tribute to Lennon & McCartney
Klaus Wunderlich
CD   CD   DE 1993 (East West 4509-91232-2)      
(party music)
A Tribute To The Beatles
CD   2CD   UK 2001 (Prism Leisure PLATBX 2213)      
2CD - Second CD is karaoke version
All You need - Livre de Clavecin
Anders Danman
CD   CD   JP 2010 (King International KKC 27)      
29 Harpihord Works in the style of Couperin, Rameau and Forqueray
All you need is love
Berlin Festival Orchestra
LP   LP   DE 1975 (S&R Internationa 63 908)      
All You Need Is Love - Beatles Songs For Kids
Various Artists
CD   CD   US 1999 (Music for little Peo R2 75949)      
Baby Road - The Beatles lovely songs for babies
Various Artists
CD   CD   AR 2006 (EMI Odeon 0946 3735172)      
Back to the Beatles
Various Artists
CD   CD   DE 2002 (Bergkamen Jugendamt)      
Mainly punk- or metal- isch versions
Beatle Country
Charles River Valley Boys
CD   CD   US 2005 (Collectors Choice Mu CCM 618)      
Beatle Country
Charles River Valley Boys
LP   LP   US 1966 (Elektra EKL 4006)      
cut out
Beatle Music
Session Men
LP   LP   UK 1967 (World Sound T 758)      
Beatles Arias
Cathy Berberian
CD   CD   FR 2004 (Telescopic Pic 11)      
Beatles Arias
Cathy Berberian
LP   LP   DE 1967 (Philips 885 524 PY)      
Beatles Arias
Cathy Berberian
LP   LP   UK 1967 (Polydor 583702)      
Beatles Best Hit
Various Artists
CD   CD   JP 1997 (Apollon Create Co. ACCD 3026)      
Organ, elecronics, Classical
Beatles disco-show
Royal Club Disco Stars
LP   LP   NL 1983 (MCR MCR 088)      
Ed Starink product, a Dutch aranger (Promotional Record for Royal Club drinks)
Beatles favoritter
Various Artists
CD   CD   NL 2001 (Disky DDC 999642)      
Beatles Go Baroque
Peter Breiner & His Chamber Orchestra
CD   CD   DE 1993 (Naxos 8.990050)      
Beatles In Classic
12 Cellisten der Berliner Philharmoniker
LP   LP   DE 1983 (Teldec 6 25579 AS)      
Beatles Karaoke Party
Murphy's Law
CD   CD   UK 1998 (Castle MAC CD 375)      
Beatles Megakoor 12 juni 1999 Maartensdijk
Beatles Megakoor
CD   CD   NL 1999 (AZM 88244-2)      
live recorded
Beatles on Hammered Dulcimer
Joemy Wilson
CD   CD   US 1989 (Dargason Music DMCD 106)      
Beatles to Bond and Bach
George Martin Orchestra
LP   LP   UK 1974 (Polydor 2383 304)      
Best of the Beatles
101 Strings Orchestra
CD   CD   CA 2004 (Madacy DPS2 50540)      

Items with Yellow submarine (125)