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Ticket to ride
Orchestra Marichal L.
EP   EP   FR (Tiercé Panorama 3346)      

Ticket to Ride   L. Marischal Orchestre   Lennon-McCartney (Lennon)
Joue Les Beatles
Paul Mauriat Le Grand Orchestre de
LP   LP   FR (Fontana Special 6444 047)      
Help... Mozart
Guy Boyer
EP   EP   FR 1965 (CBS EP 6268)      
A Tribute To The Beatles
LP   LP   UK 1965 (Summit ATL 4176)      
George Martin Orchestra
LP   LP   US 1965 (United Artists UAL 3448)      
Baroque Beatles Book
Joshua Rifkin & Ensemble
LP   LP   DE 1965 (Elektra ELK 42 164)      
classic style
Ticket to ride
SINGLE   SINGLE   NL 1965 (Discofoon FF 3578)      

Ticket to Ride   Typhoons   Lennon-McCartney (Lennon)   1965
Love songs to the Beatles
Mary Wells
LP   LP   UK 1965 (Columbia SL 10171)      
Beatle Cracker Suite
Arthur Wilkinson
EP   EP   UK 1965 (Columbia 7EG 8919)      
Ballet Style
Beatle Country
Charles River Valley Boys
LP   LP   US 1966 (Elektra EKL 4006)      
cut out
The New Beatles Songbook
Hollyridge Strings
LP   LP   US 1966 (Capitol (yellow lbl) SM-2429)      
Hollyridge Strings Vol.3
Beatles Arias
Cathy Berberian
LP   LP   DE 1967 (Philips 885 524 PY)      
Beatles Arias
Cathy Berberian
LP   LP   UK 1967 (Polydor 583702)      
Beatle Music
Session Men
LP   LP   UK 1967 (World Sound T 758)      
Ticket to ride
Vanilla Fudge
SINGLE   SINGLE   BE 1967 (Atlantic ATL 11.736)      
80's Re-ssue

Ticket to Ride   Vanilla Fudge   Lennon-McCartney (Lennon)   1967
Plays the music of the Beatles
Leo Chauliac Orchestra
EP   EP   NL 1968 (PPK HPK 775)      
Classiques des Beatles
Leo Chauliac
LP   LP   FR 1968 (Concert Hall SVS 2571)      
conected to Charles Trenet
Les Classiques des Beatles
Leo Chauliac
EP   EP   FR 1968 (Concert Hall V 567)      
More Beatles Best done by the Koppykats
Koppykats (Ian & Zodiacs)
LP   LP   NL 196x (Fontana 701 543 WPY)      
Discothek sound
Billy Strange
LP   LP   DE 196x (MODE / Vogue MDINT 9624)      

Ticket to Ride   Billy Strange   Lennon-McCartney (Lennon)   1965
Chacksfield Plays the Beatles' Songbook
Frank Chacksfield
LP   LP   UK 1970 (London SP 44142)      
Hits of the Beatles
Stereoaction Orchestra
LP   LP   BR 1970 (RCA Victor AVS 4003)      
Hits of the Beatles
Stereoaction Orchestra (dir. by Cyril Ornadel)
LP   LP   UK 1970 (RCA international INTS 1162)      
Latin America Fiesta
Sydney Thompson & his Orchestra
LP   LP   UK 1970 (Sydney Thomson DST.1)      
And the Beatles go on and on
Mrs. Norma English Poutre
LP   LP   CA 1971 (KBH LP 8090)      
Physical education
28 Beatle-hits for teens
John Hamilton Band
LP   LP   DE 1971 (Somerset 694)      
Terry Baxter Orchestra
LP   6LP   US 1972 (Columbia House P6S 5748)      
6LP Box (+inners)
Interpreta a los Beatles
Paul Mauriat
LP   LP   ES 1972 (Philips 63 32 046)      

Items with Ticket to Ride (117)