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A hard day's night
George Martin Orchestra
LP   LP   US 1964 (Capitol UAL 3383)      
Tell me why
Me And Them
SINGLE   SINGLE   UK 1964 (Pye 7N. 15683)      

Tell me why   Me and Them   Lennon-McCartney (Lennon)   1964
Harmonica Beatlemania
Billy Lee Riley
LP   LP   US 1964 (Mercury MG 20974)      
Banjos go Beatles
Big Ben Banjo Band
LP   LP   UK 1966 (Columbia SCX 6073)      
Music-Box-Favoriten Nr. 12
Werner Müller und sein Orchester
EP   EP   DE 196x (Decca SDX 2333)      
Terry Baxter Orchestra
LP   6LP   US 1972 (Columbia House P6S 5748)      
6LP Box (+inners)
In Naples 1980/81
LP   LP   IT 1980 ( 3C 064-18517)      
Tribute / Parody Band from Naples, Italy
Das war ein harter tag
Didi + ABC Boys
LP   LP   DE 1989 (Bear BTS 943 403)      
Das war ein harter tag
Various Artists
CD   CD   DE 1995 (Bear Family )      
Including Dutch artist Corry Brokken
All you need is covers
Various Artists
CD   2CD   UK 1998 (Sequel NEECD 309)      
Twistin' the rock 16
CD   CD   EU 2002 (Mercury 548 931-2)      
LP   LP   DE 2002 (Bitzcore bc 1732)      
Gatefold sleeve Sex Pistols alike sleeve art
A Tribute To The Beatles
Strawberry Beats
DVD   DVD   NL 2006 (Ambianz AZ 300714)      
La France et les Beatles Vol.3
Various Artists
CD   CD   FR 2006 (Magic 3930618)      
The Embassy Beatles Covers
CD   CD   UK 2010 (Redrock WBCD 2010)      

Items with Tell me why (17)