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Rocky Raccoon
Richie Havens
SINGLE   SINGLE   FR (Verve 518912)      

Rocky raccoon   Richie Havens   Lennon-McCartney (McCartney)   1969
Mother Nature's Son
Ramsey Lewis
LP   LP   DE 1968 (Chess 275020)      
Terry Baxter Orchestra
LP   6LP   US 1972 (Columbia House P6S 5748)      
6LP Box (+inners)
Cafe creme
Cafe Creme
LP   LP   FR 1977 (Bimbo 60250)      
Beatles medley
Sings the Beatles
Richie Havens
LP   LP   ES 1981 (Marfer M 66.213 S)      
Vertrauensbildende Massnahmen!
CD   CD   DE 1994 (MIC 8852-2)      
Help! - Songs of the Beatles Volume 2
Various Artists
CD   2CD   UK 2001 (Castle CMDDD 260)      
Sing the Beatles
CD   CD   US 2002 (Chesky JD 220)      
Beatlemania Volume 2 - An All-American Tribute To The Fab Four
Various Artists
CD   CD   UK 2004 (Mojo vol 2 2004)      
Free with MOJO magazine
The Beatles Discovered
Various Artists
CD   CD   US 2005 (Belmo publ. 2005)      
Together with book
The White Album Recovered No 2
Various Artists
CD   CD   UK 2008 (MOJO No 0000002)      
Free with MOJO magazine
Beatles Mania (Beatrice Ardisson)
Various Artists
CD   CD   IT 2011 (Naive NS 91663)      
No trackseparation. Tracks fade in and out of each other
Minnesota Beatle Project - Vol.3
Various Artists
CD   CD   US 2012 (Vega Productions 89577 67422)      

Items with Rocky raccoon (14)