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Paperback Writer
Joël Daydé
SINGLE   SINGLE   FR (Riviera 121.377)      
A: Only a man

Paperback writer   Joël Daydé   Lennon-McCartney   ...
Banjos go Beatles
Big Ben Banjo Band
LP   LP   UK 1966 (Columbia SCX 6073)      
Hello Mozart
Guy Boyer & Ensemble
EP   EP   FR 1966 (Barclay 72 697)      
classic style

Paperback writer   Guy Boyer   Lennon-McCartney   1966
Beatle Country
Charles River Valley Boys
LP   LP   US 1966 (Elektra EKL 4006)      
cut out
Beat Beat Beat
Newcomers / Rangers
LP   LP   DE 1966 (Gong 74 999)      
Silver Jet - 28 HIts For Dancing
Fred Silver Band
LP   LP   DE 1968 (Columbia SMC 74 329)      
Paperback writer
R.B. Greaves
SINGLE   SINGLE   UK 1971 (Atlantic 2091-170)      

Paperback writer   R.B. Greaves   Lennon-McCartney   1971
Terry Baxter Orchestra
LP   6LP   US 1972 (Columbia House P6S 5748)      
6LP Box (+inners)
Sounds like the Beatles
LP   LP   UK 1974 (Contour 2870 408)      
Integral cover version of Beatles
Carnaby Group
LP   LP   FR 1975 (Musidisc 30 CV 1324)      
The story of the Beatles
LP   2LP   DE 1976 (EBG 65 164)      
Golden age of the Beatles
LP   LP   CZ 1976 (Gold Award MER 415)      
sleeve is UK made
Superstars Tribute To The Beatles
Various Artists
LP   2LP   UK 1976 (Arcade ADE P 21)      
Citations Ininterrompues
Cafe Creme
12 " (maxi)   12 " (maxi)   FR 1977 (Bimbo BLR 5555)      
10'50 Maxi Single
Unlimited Citations - Non-Stop Beatles Disco
Cafe Creme
SINGLE   SINGLE   NL 1977 (EMI 99 587)      
Ein flug in die DDR
Beatles Revival Band
LP   LP   DE 1978 (Metronome 0060.140)      
Autographed ! (German language covers)
Beatles Magic made by Apple Jam
Apple Jam (1)
LP   LP   UK 1979 (Dansan DS 030)      
Integral cover version of Beatles
Carnaby Group
LP   2LP   FR 197x (Festival 234)      
Hey jude
LP   LP   DE 197x (Europa 111 528.6)      
Beatle Barkers
Beatle Barkers (Woofers and Tweeters)
LP   LP   AU 1983 (Passport PB 6032)      
cut out
Magical Medley
20 Years After
EP   EP   FR 1989 (Mazeres 460.136)      
4 Beadochons Dans Le Vent
4 Beadochons Dans Le Vent
CD   CD   FR 1992 (Remark 517 194-2)      
Beatles Go Baroque
Peter Breiner & His Chamber Orchestra
CD   CD   DE 1993 (Naxos 8.990050)      
The Beatles Songbook
Allen Toussaint Orchestra
CD   CD   NL 1993 (Trace 0402182)      
Re-issue of 1989 CD
Exotic Beatles 1
Various Artists
CD   CD   UK 1993 (Exotica Pelé 3CD)      
Words & music by Lennon & McCartney
Various Artists
CD   CD   DE 1993 (Edel EDL 2664-2)      
Pickin' on the Beatles
Pickin' on Pickers
CD   CD   US 1994 (CMH CD-5209)      
Live from the pound, the lost tapes
Beatle Barkers
CD   CD   US 1995 (Dove DACD 60020)      

Items with Paperback writer (54)