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My love
Andy Williams
SINGLE   SINGLE   NL 1973 (CBS CBS 1824)

My love   Andy Williams   McCartney   1973
By the Beatles
Longines Symphonette
LP   LP   US 1974 (Longines Symphonette LS 313-C)
In quad stereo sound
Together Again
Larry Page Orchestra
LP   2LP   FR 1974 (Vogue SLVLXPF 668)
Million Sellers from England (4)
Various Artists
LP   LP   NL 1977 (Readers Digest NOCB rec.4)
McCartney - His Music & Me
Syd Lawrence
LP   LP   NL 1978 (Philips 6308 310)
The Beat Of Wings
L.A. Sounds
LP   LP   UK 1979 (Chevron CHVL 122)
Integral cover version of Beatles
Carnaby Group
LP   2LP   FR 197x (Festival 234)
Love Melodies
Various Artists
CD   CD   CA 198. (Sound Sensation EGBR 2503)
Unknown Artists

My love   Unknown Artist   McCartney   198.
Motown Sings Beatles (20 great Motown tracks)
Various Artists
LP   LP   UK 1984 (Connoisseur NSP LP 500)
Motown sings the Beatles
Various Artists
LP   LP   DE 1984 (Tamla Motown WL 72348)
Mina Canta I Beatles
CD   CD   IT 1993 (PDU 7 89758 2)
A tribute to Lennon & McCartney
Gerry Marsden
CD   CD   UK 1995 (K-TEL ECD 3138)
John Paul George Ringo
Larry Page Orchestra
CD   CD   UK 1996 (Music Club MCCD 255)
A Reggae Tribute To The Beatles Vol.2
Various Artists
CD   CD   UK 1997 (Emporio EMPRCD 718)
Working classical
Various Artists
CD   CD   UK 1999 (EMI classics 5 56897 2)
London Symphony Orchestra / Loma Mar Quartet
Motown meets the Beatles
Various Artists
CD   CD   EU 2001 (Tamla Motown 530 410-2)
Tribute to Beatles Reggae Style
Various Artists
LP   LP   UK 2001 (Trojan TALL 501)
3LP Box
The Art of McCartney
Various Artists
CD   2CD   FR 2014 (Arctic Poppy APCDBOOK1402AMZ)
2CD + 2 bonus tracks + DVD - Mainly the 2014 McCartney band with different vocals.
The Art of McCartney
Various Artists
LP   4LP   EU 2014 (Arctic Poppy APVINLP1402)
42 Tracks, Deluxe box, 4LP, Coloured Vinyl plus 24 page illustrated book

Items with My love (24)