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Blackbird - The Beatles Album
Milos Karadaglic
CD   CD   AR 2016 (Mercury 4812310)      
Classical guitar
11 Michelle Lennon-McCartney (McCartney)   2016   Feat. Steven Isserlis
The Beatles Arranged for String Quartet
Wihan Quartet
CD   CD   UK 2014 (Nimbus Alliance NI 6272)      
Arranged by Lubos Krticka. First release in 2000
08 Michelle Lennon-McCartney (McCartney)   2000
All Your Life
Al Di Meola
CD   CD   DE 2013 (Inakustic 9128)      
04 Michelle Lennon-McCartney (McCartney)   2013
Country Mountain Tributes: The Beatles
Craig Duncan
CD   CD   US 2012 (Green Hill GHD 5852)      
Green Hill Instrumental Collection
10 Michelle Lennon-McCartney (McCartney)   2012
Beatles Mania (Beatrice Ardisson)
Various Artists
CD   CD   IT 2011 (Naive NS 91663)      
No trackseparation. Tracks fade in and out of each other
2-13 Michelle   Rubblebucket   Lennon-McCartney (McCartney)   2010
Plays Lennon & McCartney
Acker Bilk
CD   CD   EU 2010 (Crescendo GNPD 2191-2)      
04 Michelle Lennon-McCartney (McCartney)   2010
All You need - Livre de Clavecin
Anders Danman
CD   CD   JP 2010 (King International KKC 27)      
29 Harpihord Works in the style of Couperin, Rameau and Forqueray
06b Michelle Lennon-McCartney (McCartney)   2010   medley
Beatles for classical guitar
Notis Mavroudis
CD   CD   GR 2010 (Motivo NM 1066)      
10 Michelle Lennon-McCartney (McCartney)   1978
A Tribute To The Beatles - Pop Power 60's & 70's Vol.3
Various Artists
CD   CD   FR 2010 (Magic Productions 3930874)      
Great listenable collection of Cover Versions Soundquality fails now and then.
09 Michelle   Overlanders   Lennon-McCartney (McCartney)   1965
Minnesota Beatle Project Vol 2
Various Artists
CD   CD   US 2010 (Vega 89577 64292)      
The Minnesota Beatle Project is a collaborative effort on behalf of the Minnesoata music and art community to provide support for music and art programs in Minnesota public schools.
10 Michelle   New standards   Lennon-McCartney (McCartney)   2010
In my life
CD   CD   JP 2010 (Liberty TOCP 70839)      
04 Michelle Lennon-McCartney (McCartney)   2010
Classical Beatles - Songs of Lennon & McCartney & Harrison
Various Artists
CD   CD   EU 2008 (EMI classics 50999 2 16784 24)      
1-16 Michelle   Xuefei Yang   Lennon-McCartney (McCartney)   2006   guitar
Stax does the Beatles
Various Artists
CD   CD   US 2008 (STAX STXCD 30390)      
10 Michelle   Booker T. & the M.G.'s   Lennon-McCartney (McCartney)   2005
Rockabye Baby!
Michael Armstrong
CD   CD   US 2007 (Babyrock Records CD 9616)      
03 Michelle Lennon-McCartney (McCartney)   2007
La France et les Beatles Vol.4
Various Artists
CD   CD   FR 2007 (Magic 3930622)      
French artists sing Beatles songs. 5 CD set in a slipbox. 110 tracks. Released 2007-10-02
18 Michelle   Bob Smart   Lennon-McCartney (McCartney)   1966
La France et les Beatles Vol.5
Various Artists
CD   CD   FR 2007 (Magic 3930632)      
French artists sing Beatles songs. Also released as 5 CD set in a slipbox. (2007-10-02)
24 Michelle   Unknown Female SInger   Lennon-McCartney (McCartney)   Cadeau publicitaire Milliat Frères
Step Inside Love - A Jazzy Tribute To The Beatles
Various Artists
CD   2CD   DE 2007 (ESC ESC 03719-2)      
2-03 Michelle   Carles Benavent - Tino Di Geraldo - Jorge Pardo   Lennon-McCartney (McCartney)   2007
06 Michelle Lennon-McCartney (McCartney)   2006
Choral Beatles
Kennedy Choir
CD   CD   AR 2006 (Musicbrokers MBB 9827)      
07 Michelle Lennon-McCartney (McCartney)   2006
A Tribute To The Rubber Soul Album By The Beatles
Various Artists
CD   CD   DE 2006 (Razor and Tie ZYX 20762-2)      
German version of the 2005 US album 'This Bird Has Flown'
07 Michelle   Ben Harper   Lennon-McCartney (McCartney)   2005

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