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Joue Les Beatles
Paul Mauriat Le Grand Orchestre de
LP   LP   FR (Fontana Special 6444 047)      
Lady madonna
Big Frog
SINGLE   SINGLE   US 1968 (Philips DJP- 37)      

Lady Madonna   Big Frog   Lennon-McCartney   1968
Lady madonna
Larry Butler
SINGLE   SINGLE   US 1968 (Imperial 66296)      

Lady Madonna   Larry Butler   Lennon-McCartney   1968
Lady madonna
Fats Domino
SINGLE   SINGLE   NL 1968 (Reprise R 3295)      

Lady Madonna   Fats Domino   Lennon-McCartney   1968
Lady Madonna
Paul Mauriat
LP   LP   NL 1968 (Philips 844 735 BY)      

Lady Madonna   Paul Mauriat   Lennon-McCartney   1972
Lady Madonna
Area Code 615
SINGLE   SINGLE   DE 1969 (Polidor 59 381)      

Lady Madonna   Area Code 615   Lennon-McCartney   1969
Feliciano / 10 to 23
Jose Feliciano
LP   LP   DE 1969 (RCA LSP 4185)      
Soul tiger / Lady Madonna
SINGLE   SINGLE   DE 1969 (United Artists 67124A)      

Lady Madonna   Motherhood   Lennon-McCartney   1969
Günter Noris' Beatles album
Günther Noris
LP   LP   DE 1969 (Columbia 062-28060)      
National goes International
Unknown Artist
EP   EP   NL 1969 (National HT47 LPE69)      
Firato 1969 Holland Given away during the Firato (audio and video fair) held in Amsterdam on 19-29 September 1969

Lady Madonna   Unknown Artist   Lennon-McCartney   1969
Discotheque for dancing
Various Artists
LP   LP   DE 196x (Polydor 249 243)      

Lady Madonna   Peter Thomas Orchestra   Lennon-McCartney   196x
A Tribute To The Beatles
Jose Feliciano
CD   CD   DE 1970 (Ariola Express 290 810)      
28 Beatle-hits for teens
John Hamilton Band
LP   LP   DE 1971 (Somerset 694)      
Terry Baxter Orchestra
LP   6LP   US 1972 (Columbia House P6S 5748)      
6LP Box (+inners)
Interpreta a los Beatles
Paul Mauriat
LP   LP   ES 1972 (Philips 63 32 046)      
Salutes the Beatles
Paul Mauriat
LP   LP   UK 1972 (Contour 6870 591)      
The beatles Golden Songs
Studio Five Orchestra Singers & Chorus
LP   LP   UK 1972 (Windmill WMD 130)      
Beatles' boogies
Rob Agerbeek
LP   LP   NL 1973 (CBS S 65611)      
The Best of Lennon-McCartney
Dyke / Burton / Agerbeek
LP   LP   NL 1973 (CBS S 53043)      
Lady Madonna / No reply
SINGLE   SINGLE   DE 1973 (Studio 33 S 8001)      
The Secrets Sing 28 Beatle Hits
LP   LP   NL 1973 (Studio 33 12001)      
Dutch vocal group
Switched on Beatles
New world electronic chamber ensemble
LP   LP   US 1974 (Island ILPS 9300)      
Gatefold sleeve, cut-out
Topomic State Play And Sing Beatles' Hits
Topomic State
LP   LP   FR 1974 (Festival Album 143 (100.098))      
England Lennon&McCartney The Greatest Hits
LP   LP   BR 1975 (Square SQ 513)      
Million Copy Hit Songs Made Famous By The Beatles
LP   LP   UK 1975 (Boulevard 4174)      
The story of the Beatles
LP   2LP   DE 1976 (EBG 65 164)      
Beatles by Morrison's Green Group
Morrison's Green Group
LP   LP   FR 1976 (Tréteaux LP 6223)      
woc + tape
Superstars Tribute To The Beatles
Various Artists
LP   2LP   UK 1976 (Arcade ADE P 21)      
Dance the Beatles
Kai Warner
LP   LP   DE 1976 (Philips 6305 308)      

Items with Lady Madonna (111)